Boggy Pond and Wairio Wetland – 3 December 2017

Boggy Pond and Wairio Wetland.

On Sunday 3rd Dec, 7 of our Club Members went to have a walk around at these sites. This follows on from a very interesting informative talk by Ross Cottle of Ducks Unlimited, at a previous Club Night. They are a small group of very dedicated people who have worked wonders with this area on behalf of Wildlife.
The weather was kind to us, cloud to stop it becoming too hot, the NW wind chopped up Lake Wairarapa with plenty of white caps, but just gave us a nice breeze to keep us cool.
There were plenty of birds to see, from white Spoonbills down to Mother Duck & her little ones.We saw one solo bird, that might have been an Ibis, couldn’t think of what else it could be, and Aunty Google couldn’t offer any other alternatives when we got home either.
So, Denise Sandra Laura Thea Mike Nigel and scribe Ian, had a good day, finished off with a stop at the ice cream shop on the way home.

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