Gentle Annie Saddle – Sunday 28 July 2019

Six of us headed off from the Holdsworth carpark at 9am on a calm and fine morning. Although it was a bit cool as we started off, once we headed up the hill to the Holdsworth lookout we soon needed a stop to remove a layer of clothing. Within an hour we were sitting in the sunshine on
the seat at the lookout enjoying morning tea, pleased to have the hardest hill of the day done and dusted. We could see Carrington Ridge from here, where we would be climbing up later on in the day. The new Powell hut stood out with its red roof.
After an enjoyable break we headed into the bush again but now the uphill was hardly noticeable. We stopped to view the remains of the old hut along the way before dropping down to Gentle Annie Saddle. It was great to hear the tui and bellbirds along this section of track.
After reaching the saddle it was uphill again, but the gradient was a lot easier than our initial climb up to the Holdsworth Lookout. We were soon on to Carrington Ridge and travelling through lovely almost goblin like bush with beautiful mosses all around. The old signposts at
high point 801 marked our lunch spot.
After lunch and some photos we headed east along the old track and dropped back down on to the main Gentle Annie Track. After seeing only one other person up until now, this part of the track was certainly a lot busier with day trippers, runners and overnight trampers either heading
out or on their way back home. We were back at the carpark 5 ½ hours after we left.
Those on the trip were Denise, Thea, Brendan, Laura, Viv and Margaret

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