Hidden Lakes Walk number 2 – 15 October 2017

Hidden Lakes walk (2).
The second club trip to the Hidden Lakes started with some drizzly rain and turned out hot and sunny. Participants travelled to the starting paddock in multiple cars and rugged up for the cold and wet weather. Across a couple of paddocks and up a slight rise and we were at the edge of the QE2 covenant. We walked through forest (mainly titoki, totara and coprosma) until we reached the edge of the first lake with a great viewpoint  . Raupo and a small dinghy on the shore, views across the lake with several ducks. We continued around the lake, found another short track with views past a maimai. 

Some more exploring led to great views of the Ruamahanga, native tree planting and picnic tables for morning tea. At this appropriate time, the sun came out and we all enjoyed a drink and morning tea cake in the heat.
Back along the track, around a view bends and through some vegetation we found the second lake, slightly smaller than the first with steep hills on most sides. We frightened a duck who flew out of the grass we’d just walked around.
We travelled back over farmland and back to the cars. A very enjoyable walk with the weather improving all the time.
On the walk were; Judith, Janet, Denise, Jason, Debs, Pete, Nico, Steve, Jo, Iain, Sophie-Maree and Sandra.


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