The Club was formed in 1957 with the amalgamation of the YMCA Tramping Club and the Masterton Outdoor and Social Club.
At that time members were also participating in the construction of what was to be called Blue Range Hut, a joint exercise with the NZ Forest Service.
The Club also inherited a hut at Mitre Flats, the second hut at that location.
The Hut on the Atiwhakatu River was built during 1968.
Today the Club still maintains Blue Range Hut, it being a non core hut, for DoC and the community. The Tararua Aorangi Rimutaka Huts committee helps with funding for this work.
The third hut at Mitre Flats, and the second Atiwhakatu Hut are both core DoC Huts, although Club members still help with minor repairs and maintenance.


If you are visiting one of our Huts, give us a hand with our conservation efforts and offer to top up Rat Bait. Instructions here

Blue Range Hut
Grid Reference: E1812491, N5481135 (NZTM2000)
Bunks: 4 Single
Cost: 1 Standard Hut Ticket
The Hut was built during 1957 and 1958 by members of the newly formed Masterton Tramping Club, and staff from the NZ Forest Service. The Club organised a trip at fortnightly intervals for 18 months to carry the materials up, with regular races to see how many return trips could be made in one day, it is nearly a 700 metre climb.
The Hut was opened by Mr. D.Blythe (NZFS) and Ted Esler, an early member of the Club, on Sunday 9th November 1958.
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Atiwhakatu Hut
Grid Reference: E1806817, N5472972 (NZTM2000)
Bunks: 26 bunks in three separate rooms
Cost: 1 Standard Hut Ticket
The first hut was built in 1968 as a joint venture between the Club and NZFS, and slept 8-10.
When the hut was opened it was a three hour walk along the Atiwhakatu track, which had many climbs and descents, no wonder that the river was a popular option.
Today, with the new(ish) track it is an easy 90 minute walk, and about 30 minutes for a fit mountain runner.
The new hut, built by DoC, was opened in June 2009. It is a much larger 12 bunker of the latest design.
Due to unprecedented demand DoC once again extended it, to its new 26 sleeping design in 2013. The club no longer maintains this hut.
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Mitre Flats 3
Grid Reference: E1808985, N5477084 (NZTM2000)
Bunks: Two platform Bunks, sleeps 14
Cost: 1 Serviced Hut Ticket
After many years of consultation and fund-raising Mitre Flats 3 was constructed in 1988 by the Department of Conservation at a total cost of $29,000. With $4,000  being donated by Masterton Tramping Club, (including $400 from Masterton Licensing Trust, $275 from South Wairarapa Tramping Club and $25 from Kaumatua Tramping Club).
The first hut was built in 1935 and the second hut was built in 1953
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The club has a set of books available to borrow. Please contact us to find out more.

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