Honeycomb Rock. 11th August 2019

On Sunday 11th August; John, Robyn, Danielle, Laura, Ian and Sandra headed east from a damp and grey Masterton to Glenburn. On arrival at the coast the sun was shining and the drizzle had stopped. The walk start point sign said only 3 hours return, but we weren’t in a hurry. 
Across the paddocks we followed the orange triangles and blue poles heading south. In places the sea had worn away the land and we headed to the beach to walk around driftwood and over white stones. The track was varied – at times on the beach, sometimes on the farmland and farm track. A few boggy patches needed careful navigation to keep the feet dry. We walked past large seals, found some dead eels on the beach and playful skylarks flying above us. After 2.5 hours we arrived at the first bumpy, lumpy rock. Dark coloured ‘dinosaur teeth’ rocks were imbedded in the holey lighter coloured rock. Crazy spidery and web -like patterns were hiding under rock shelves. We continued on 5 minutes to the main Honeycomb rock. We had lunch in a light breeze on some flat rocks watching the seals head into the ocean. Then we headed to the big honeycomb rocks to explore and take lots of photos. Again lots of different patterns in the rocks, some small ‘hanging gardens’ on the rocks and baby seals peeking out of the rock caves. We met 4 and talked to 4 others (2 from France and 2 from Czech Republic). We returned to the lunch spot, picked up our packs and returned mostly along the track to the cars. 
NOTE – Honeycomb rock track is closed in Sept and Oct due to lambing. Respect the private landowner wishes and keep to the track / follow signs.

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