Kaiparoro Trig – 21 May

Kaiparoro Trig By Nigel

The weather forecast was true and after a dull Saturday Sunday dawned a fine sunny day. Six of us initially met up at Jason’s, where we delivered some plants, before continuing to the road end at Kaiparoro.
Initial excitement in seeing a bridge over the stream was dampened by a sign saying the facility was closed until an unnotified date. So after a pre-trip photo we crossed the stream, initially we had a problem finding the start of the track, forestry logging had changed the scenery a bit. Once on the track it was a steady climb through unlogged pine trees and eventually the native forest, where the wide logging track became a narrow walking track.
The track out to the open tops on Kaiparoro was well padded with a number of unofficial markers, it was good to get out into the warmish sunshine. An early lunch was taken among the tussock, after which various landmarks we pointed out, it being interesting how they are seen from a different angle.
About 12.30 it was time to head home, we took the “normal” loop track, going back down in a clockwise direction once we regained the original track. It took slightly longer than normal as we came across a number of areas of felled pine trees over the track, which added to the interest of not losing the track. By the time we arrived back at the cars we decided that the sign on the bridge probably really meant the whole area was closed! We were not the only ones to make this error as there were two other people we also met on the route.
On the way home we found time to stop at Pukaha for a warm drink, a great end to a pleasant day.
Those on the trip: Thea, Denise, Janet, Flo, Jay and Nigel

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