Mitre Flats – 12 to 13 August

We have two trip reports for you for the trip to Mitre Flats Hut. The first is from Bob who is 7 years old.

On Saturday the 12 of August My dad Ben, Nigel, Sandra and I went to Mitre flats Hut, it was raining and raining, until finally the sun decided to show up for about ten minutes. It took us 3 and a half hour to get from the carpark to the hut. I was so excited to see the hut just after we crossed the Waingawa river swing bridge that I ran the rest of the way. The hut was green and white, it had a fireplace, two huge bunk beds, and a hut wardens quarters that had a single bed, and a table inside.
After we got to the hut and had lunch we all helped clean and tidy the hut and cut some fire wood for the fire.

Dad and I played so many games of last card before dinner and I won nearly all of them. For tea we had yummy spaghetti bolognaise followed by a passionfruit cheesecake.

After a sleep in, Breakfast and more games of Last Card that I won again, we packed our packs and got ready to walk back to the car. On the track back to the car I counted 47 creeks and little streams that we had to walk through. On the last bit of the tramp we had to walk on a gravel road for 30 minutes. The tramp out took 3 hours 10 minutes. It rained the whole way back and when we got to the car we were all wet. On the way back home to Tokomaru we stopped in Masterton and had ice-cream. I had a good time with the Masterton tramping club and I can’t wait for the next tramp.

The End
By Bob (7yrs)

Mitre Flats Tramp

Ben and Bob met Nigel and Sandra at ‘The Pines’ road end Saturday morning. A quick final pack, raincoats on, and we headed up the farm track.
There was light drizzle for most of the walk in, the trees dripping wet and a brief light hail shower at one of the river view points. We didn’t see any other trampers on the track as we made our way to the hut. The Waingawa river was high and wild as we crossed it to reach the hut at 1230pm.

After lunch we did some hut maintenance including checking the roof mould condition, cleaning the windows and frames, collecting and chopping lots of firewood.

The rain kept away while we did our chores, no other trampers arrived, afternoon tea turned into pre-dinner snacks with Bob winning lots of card games against Ben. A delicious spaghetti bolognaise was cooked using all the pots we could find, two wet trampers called in on their way to Cow Creek. A (non-dehydrated) cheese cake was enjoyed for desert. More cards, laughs and stories continued after dinner.

Sunday morning the rain continued, heavy at times. We packed up, swept up the hut and bunk platforms and departed for the road end. The rain persisted for our trip out but spirits remained high. A great tramp, good company albeit a little wet at times!

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