Onoke Spit and Okorewa lagoon 29 September 2019

After a potential sleep in for day light savings starting, the group of 9 left Masterton at 930am for Onoke Spit. We stopped on the way to look at Lake Wairarapa quickly then headed down Western lake road and Beach road to reach the car park. Several other kayakers and white baiters were there ahead of us. We packed up lunch and headed across the small footbridge to read the Onoke Spit sign. Following the rough track we walked through the gap in the dunes to get an awesome sea view, waves crashing and light winds. We headed east along the spit, starting on the ocean side and then moving up to the central track to find the ship wreck of the Addenda. After a further 10 minutes (past the noisy black backed gulls) we arrived at the Addenda site. Rusty hull fasteners were the only remains to be seen jutting above the sand. We discussed the history of the 4 mast barquentine that originated from Oregon in 1895 and ran aground in 1904. Retracing our steps along the Spit, we found a sheltered spot for lunch with a sea view.
Heading east we walked along the central track into a strong wind to return to the cars. We saw some dotteral’s, pimelea, lots of driftwood amongst the gravel habitat.
The three groups then drove around to Lake Ferry settlement via the East-West access road. We checked out the native plants at Okorewa lagoon- that the Club members helped plant in 2018. Some of the plants had not survived the harsh conditions of the coast, others were ok and some were doing really well.
We stopped at the Lake Ferry hotel for hot chocolates, coffee and hot chips.
On the trip were; Thea, Paul, Janet, Mike, Laura, Kay, Chris, Denise and Sandra.

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