Orongorongos – 6-7 November 2016

Club Trip on 6-7 November.
Haurangi Hut in the Orongorongo’s

We left Masterton about 9.30am with a two hour drive over to the catch pool car park then a the walk in with rain threaten to come down at any time but it didn’t happen On the way.

Stopped at the mid bridge for lunch then we stopped at Turere lodge for a look and also had a look at three other private huts on the way to the hut .We got to the hut about 3pm just as the showers started to come down spent night in the hut.

Woke up to a lot of cloud then rain so a wet walk out to the car. We left the hut about 9.40am with wet walk not to cold .

We stopped at Mac hut at the top of after the arched bridge over the Turere stream.

Then another stop at mid bridge then 40min out to the car park change into dry clothes for the drive home.


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