Papatahi Hut – 11 – 12 February

Papatahi Hut in the Rimutaka Forest Park.

On a lovely Saturday, 7 of us went in from the Catchpool road end just strolling along having a natter to those going the other way, and a look at this and that of interest. We saw hunters carrying out deer and goats that they had shot in the hills.

Papatahi Hut is a nice DOC hut, complete with gas hobs, pots and pans cutlery etc., spoiling us.

A big fat almost black possum browsed on the vegetation near the hut, before dark, not worried about us watching.

During the night a medical event occurred to one of our party, causing the inability to walk back out, so the only solution was to activate the Club’s PLB, which we did at 6am, early, because the wind had got stronger and more gusty in the hour before that.

The Westpac Rescue helicopter arrived at 7am, taking the patient to Hospital. Thankfully the patient’s issue was resolved during the day, enabling a homeward journey with Nigel.  Thank you Nigel, lucky we had that second vehicle.

The rest of the party duly walked back out, sometimes down the riverbed, and sometimes along the track, back to Terry’s people mover. Thanks are due to Terry, for taking us down and back, even though he couldn’t come in with us.

A very pleasant social trip for; Kay, Janet, Sandra, Denise, Nigel, Stan and scribe Ian S, with the added experience of using a PLB, a first for all of us. This proves the importance of always taking the PLB on any trips.

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