Pencarrow Lighthouse – 9 April 2018

Last Sunday 9th April the club left the Tramping boots behind and traded them in for Bike Ride.
A cycle trip to Pencarrow lighthouse was always going to depend on good weather. Immaculate planning saw a wonderful day, if a bit breezy, but then it was Wellington.
Three members, plus a visitor drove down to Eastbourne, where we met a second visitor. A steady northerly gave us an easy ride down to the Pencarrow Lighthouses, so we decided to carry on to Baring Head lighthouse, past an optimistic surfer. On the approach to Baring Head there is a reasonably steep climb, which was greatly assisted by a significant tailwind. After lunch it was time to return, into what was now a strong headwind. On the return journey there were many more walkers and cyclists about, with a few cyclists walking for a while as everyone experienced strong gusts as we rounded each minor headland.

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