Point 801 – 19 June 2016

On Sunday we ventured from Holdsworth Carpark, past Donnelly Flat to almost the junction of Atiwhakatu Track and Mountain House track. A Southeast ascending ridge often referred to as Murray’s Track is well padded and comfortable underfoot and leads toward high point 801. The party of six took an hours to complete this section of unmarked track which crosses the current Gentle Annie track at about the 700m contour.

On 801 we had our customary group photo at the junction of the original track leading to Mount Holdsworth & Carrington Ridge. Following the track downhill in the Easterly direction the party made its way toward Rocky Lookout (the one shown on the topo maps). Care was taken walking through the steeply guttered sections before breaking out into the Turpentine scrub and making our way to the rock for lunch.

The strong Westerly subsided and we were able to enjoy the view, the calm and even some sunshine warmth before the forecast Southerly entered the stage.

Lunch completed the party followed the old track down to the intersection with the new track and took the spur leading down to the Loop Walk track, then back to the carpark.

Enjoying the pleasant easy-grade 9km four-hour walk was Denise, Jay, Thea, Sam, Stewart and Paul.



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