Red Line on Gentle Annie Saddle – September 2016

You will not find many DOC track markers on the circuit from Holdsworth Lodge to the Lookout, on to Pinnacle Ridge and back to the Gentle Annie track towards the Lodge again. Once you leave the Holdsworth Lookout there is a well padded track, with a few pieces of old venetian blind to keep you on the path.

After an early tea break, and rest, after the initial climb up to the Lookout, our party of four headed off through this area of beech forest, along the way we came across the remains of an old shelter, now just some rusting iron and bits of timber.

At the lookout we had seen a small flock of Kereru flying out of the park, we heard quite a few more on our walk, as well as Grey Warbler and at least one Kaka.

By the time we had lost quite a lot of our initial height gain, dropping down to the Gentle Annie Saddle, we decided it was time for a second cuppa, or was it an early lunch? Having walked down to the Saddle it was now time to climb out and on to Carrington Ridge, this section was “red line” (new territory) for John. From the junction with the Ridge it was a 20 minute walk to the next junction, with the old Gentle Annie track going to Powell Hut, here at high point 801 it was time for (a second) lunch. The was the only point we felt a breeze, the forecast high winds had never arrived.

After lunch we headed off the track for a short time until we met the new(ish) Gentle Annie track and made our way down a ridge (more red line for John) to the Atiwhakatu Stream and back to the Lodge. A good sheltered walk on a day forecast to bring wind and rain.

Those on the walk: Flo, John, Paul & Nigel


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