Roaring Stag Hut – 27 – 29 August 2016

Club trip 27th &29th Aug. With an improving forecast Ben Bob Ben and I left Putara road end at 10 30am. With the rain coming down Bob led us off with a good pace. As we approached the ridge we ran into a few patches of snow and a chilly breeze. By the time we got to Roaring stag hut we were all cold and very wet. We were joined in the hut shortly after by a party of 4 who had come down from cattle ridge. We got the fire going warmed up and played some cards. Sunday the weather had cleared we stayed a little longer to enjoy our lazy Sunday morning. Heading out we ran into 2 members from the Parawai Tramping club who had been up to Herapai. Good easy winter tramp with some good company



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