Trip Reports

Pencarrow Lighthouse – 9 April 2018

Last Sunday 9th April the club left the Tramping boots behind and traded them in for Bike Ride.
A cycle trip to Pencarrow lighthouse was always going to depend on good weather. Immaculate planning saw a wonderful day, if a bit breezy, but then it was Wellington.
Three members, plus a visitor drove down to Eastbourne, where we met a second visitor. A steady northerly gave us an easy ride down to the Pencarrow Lighthouses, so we decided to carry on to Baring Head lighthouse, past an optimistic surfer. On the approach to Baring Head there is a reasonably steep climb, which was greatly assisted by a significant tailwind. After lunch it was time to return, into what was now a strong headwind. On the return journey there were many more walkers and cyclists about, with a few cyclists walking for a while as everyone experienced strong gusts as we rounded each minor headland.

Blue Range Hut – 3 April 2018

Blue Range Hut
On Monday 3rd April John, Nigel and Jason popped up to Blue Range Hut which is about two hours walk uphill from the Kiriwhakapapa Road End. The mission was to dismantle the water tank and clean it out and return it to the tank stand. The reason for the cleaning was somebody had contaminated the water supply. We removed a large amount of soot and ash as well as AA Batteries and sardine tins and a lot of paper magazines which someone had dumped in their back in February. The water supply is now safe to drink after the rain this week. Some other jobs were undertaken while there. Then we had a great easy walk back down to the road end.

Combined MTC and SWTC track clearing – 27 March 2018

Monday 27th March 2018

Applied Tramping is a term which has been given to exercise where enjoying the view, companionship, and native flora and fauna, is supplemented with a specific purpose.
The Masterton and South Wairarapa Tramping Clubs occasionally organise a joint trip to encourage fellowship and to increase numbers participating.
One such recent trip was to the ridge line behind Featherston where a track leads from the end of Bucks Road, past the summit of Finis and the highest point, on this track, of Mt. Frith, and eventually to the Remutaka road summit.
For some years South Wairarapa Club members have been instrumental in trying to keep the track “open”, and it was with this in mind that on a recent Monday 5 members of from the Clubs set off to do some track clearing.
The main “culprit” needing to be cleared is gorse, gorse loves daylight, which is what you get when you clear an area of ground.
Why clear the track along the Finis-Frith ridge, well it is an official DOC track, has some unique views over the Wairarapa, and gives a good route for a day walk near Featherston.
And what of our day of applied tramping? Well we cut a lot of gorse, cut it, throw it into the air, and the westerly wind carries it away! We also collected a few gorse prickles in our fingers no matter how good your gloves, and, most important of all, had TWO breaks for a cup of tea!
If you are interested in helping on one of these infrequent trips please contact either of the Tramping Clubs.

Ruahine Range Waitangi Weekend 2018

Ruahine Range Waitangi Weekend 2018

Club members took the Monday off to make it a four day weekend. We all travelled up on the Friday and meet at the Mangaweka camp ground. Then up early on the Saturday morning to head inland to Mokai Station. From Mokai, east of Mangaweka Julie, Nigel, Jason, Clint and Sandra started their ascent across farmland. During the climb we encountered, plenty of Microtis orchids in the grass, and great views. A sidle below the Mokai Patea range high point took us to a saddle and the Forest Park boundary. A steep descent through beech forest and we arrived at Iron Bark hut for lunch. (Thanks to Mokai Station for access across their land).
At this point our tramping party split into two groups.

Group 1 continued to Colenso Hut for the night. We arrived at Colenso hut after a short side walk to look at Lake Colenso. Two of the party went to check and reset all the stoat traps around the lake after we had had a brew. On the Sunday we were up early as the hunter headed out for an early morning hunt. Clint left us here to head home as he couldn’t get the Monday off. Julie and Jason then walked down stream to the confluence of Mangatera River where we then headed up stream till we meet the turn off to the Potae River track. On the way two whio were seen basking in the morning sun. Great views were had at the highest point Patae all around to Mt Ruapahu, to the west and around the Ruahine range to the east and south. We soon arrived at Ruahine Corner hut where we were to stay for the night. A nice relaxing afternoon exploring the Alpine Tundra and soaking up the sun. Two other parties arrived that night from different parts of the Ruahine range but they had started on the East side of the range. Monday morning we were up early as we wanted to beat the forecast low cloud and possible rain as we were off track navigating to Ohutu Ridge via a few deep Georges and some very steep country and some beautiful streams. Once on Ohutu ridge it was plain sailing all the way back along the ridge till we started the steep or was it vertical drop down into Whakaurakou River it became a bit of a bush bash due to the heavy snow fall in the winter which brought down lots of trees which made it hard going. Once down a short walk upstream to meet up with the others waiting at Iron Bark hut.

Group 2 spent the remainder of the day and first night at Iron Bark. We collected firewood for the hut, talked tramping with 7 others from Parawai tramping club. On Sunday we used the two footbridges to cross the Maropea and Unknown streams then started our ascent and walk to Colenso hut. The track was steep to start with then levelled out. There was plenty of scratchy small tree falls and ongaonga. We descended past a slip into the Mangatera river valley. A short walk through grassy boggy areas and bush noisy with rifleman got us to Colenso hut. A lovely sunny afternoon at the hut was had, exploring the lake and bird life, looking for whio. We chatted to the Parawai club members who visited on their way to the Unknown campsite, and two others at the hut (who were checking the stoat traps protecting the whio).
On the third day, group 2 returned to Iron Bark hut, we had a great view of a morepork sitting quietly in a tree and morning tea in the sun at the top of the hill. After a quick swim in a beautiful green pool we rested up until group 1 arrived.

On Waitangi day the 4 of us were up and packed and off to the road end. 75 minutes up the hill through the beech forest returned us to the Forest Park boundary. Light drizzle and a cold breeze awaited us as we re-traced our steps across the farmland and back to the carpark.
Birds we saw or heard on the trip. Kereru, rifleman, whio/blue duck, grey warbler, tomtit, shag, falcon, scaup, whitehead, waxeye, morepork, bellbird, tui.
Trees/plants of interest: Mountain cedar, Ongaonga, bush lawyer, Dactylanthus, orchids (sun, potato, greenhood)

Mitre Flats Weekend – 21 – 23 January 2018

Mitre Flats weekend 21-23 Jan 2018. By Nigel

Being a long weekend many must have been busy as there were only two on the Club trip to Mitre Flats Hut. Luckily I was warden as the hut was full and a few late arrivals slept on the deck, possibly the coolest place.
Next day Phil and I made our way up to the summit of Mitre, a first for Phil, arriving about mid day to great views and, unusually no wind. At least 18 people made the climb on the Sunday. Another hut full on Sunday night, then it was home early on Monday before it got too hot.


Annual Post Christmas Dinner Walk – 27 December 2017

The last Tramping club tramp for 2017 was on Wednesday 27th December to our club Hut Blue Range. This is our annual Christmas dinner walk off for those who have had too much Christmas cheer. This year there was seven of us enjoyed a nice lovely walk in cooler conditions on the way up to Blue Range Hut. The tops were clear and the views were good. Lunch was started on the picnic table and we just got the Billy boiling when the black clouds arrived with the rain. Lunch was finished inside. It was then a nice amble back down to the cars with intermitted showers. A nice was to spend the day and loose some Christmas pudding.



Trimble Trust Walk

In November after the Tramping Clubs Anniversary, the Sunday walk was across the Road from the Mt Bruce Hall. We had a walk around Trimble Trust before having access to Dunvagin to look at the large old Totora tree estimated to be over 800 years old. This one was saved from the milling and ending up as sleepers on the Main Trunk line like the rest of the area did. Great day enjoyed by 14 members.