Club Trip Schedules If you're interested in joining us on any of our trips, please come along to our Club night and make contact with the trip leader.

We usually offer a trip each weekend, either a day trip on a Sunday, or an overnight tramp. Day trips are a great way to gain fitness without having to carry a heavy pack. Each trip has an indicated grading, and approximate transport cost. All potential members are urged to start with an easy trip so as to judge their fitness, confidence and ability. If in doubt check with the trip leader.

Contact us regarding our trip schedule here...

Easy: 4-6 hours, possibly some hills. Suitable for beginners. Plenty of stops. Easy +: 4-6 hours, probably some short hills. Average: 5-8 hours, some experience required, fewer rest stops, almost certainly some hill work. Fit: 6+ hours, Good fitness required, may go off track. Stops for lunch and ‘smoko’

Gradings are a guide only, weather and track conditions may make trip harder. Regardless of grade all trips are undertaken at your own risk Subscribe to our Trip Calendar in your calendar client! Add this link as an iCal Calendar  
NOTE: This page is updated as Trip Schedules are released.