Wilderness Weekend – 13 – 15 January 2017

Wilderness 2017

13-15th January the club ran its Wilderness training weekend. This was the first time that the club had run the weekend for 20 years! The weekend was full of training and fun and friendship.
Friday: Some departed earlier (Nigel, Mike & Lora) but Barry and Jason departed at town at six for Pataru road end. It was then on with our packs and set off for Roaring Stagg lodge where the weekend was based. There was no race at all a Barry!!! Some stayed in the full hut on the Friday night and some camped outside.
Saturday was a slow start to the day. Glen ran in s for morning tea before heading out. We then got into some GPS, map and compass training. This proved very interesting for all involved. We found the GPS maps were not 100% correct with their land features which was a test for us all. As we went about our training we did a trip to the Hidden Lake and returned to the hut. After a good cup of Tea everyone packed up from the hut and head down to the camp sites a across the river. Paul joined us for the night of fun.
Once our camp was set up and the fire wood collected it was time for camp cooking. The camp dinner was a recipe from our X club patron Selwyn Pawson which comprised of Potato, carrot, onion, herbs, and mince all cooked on the coals of the fire. Even some baked potatoes and Kumera were cooked. Everyone enjoyed there meal.
Sunday: The rain started in the early hours of the morning but some of us managed to get packed up between the showers before heading back to the hut for a dry breakfast. By the time we were heading out the track started to resemble a stream more than a walking track. Everyone one was home early to dry out. A great weekend enjoyed by all.

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